Zoo-park of Beauval

Camping near Beauval Zoo

Very committed to the protection of endangered species, ranked 4th most beautiful zoo in the world, the Zoo Parc de Beauval is a magical place.

Ideally located, the 4* campsite Les Coachards is only 3 km from the Beauval zoo park.

The Beauval Zoo Park is only 5 minutes away from the campsite

Embark on an unforgettable journey to meet more than 35,000 animals from all over the world: koalas, okapis, manatees, tree kangaroos, tigers and white lions… not forgetting the giant pandas!

Let yourself be amazed by the spectacle of birds and sea lions, and discover how they are the messengers of biodiversity!

A vast green theater overlooked by a 3,000-seat amphitheater hosts a unique show of free-flying birds